Do you have any problem in reading malayalam fonts in your internet browser.. or do you see strange language instead… ? DON’T WORRY

Follow the procedure given below :

1.   Open your internet browser

2.   Go to Tools  >> Internet Options

3.   Click the ‘Fonts’  Button  on General Tab

4.   In Language Script select ‘Malayalam’ from the drop down list

5.   After that select any malayalm font listed under ‘web page font’   

      If you don’t see any malayalam font under ‘web page font’  CLICK HERE   to download the Anjali Old Lipi Font and save it into your font folder (C:/Windows/Fonts) and repeat steps 1 to 5

6.   Then click OK and restart your browser.

Hope This will correct your Problem

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  1. shaiju vakkom says:

    hai abdu mash
    the option form given by u and form in ag website is not similar
    both r true ?

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