Pay Revision – Date Extended for Excercising Option

Government have extended the time limit for exercising option, for a further period of six months, ie till 25/02/2012.For details view /download GO(P) No.354/2011/(8) /Fin Dated 18/08/2011

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5 Responses to Pay Revision – Date Extended for Excercising Option

  1. SIBY K CHACKO DR says:

    I am Dr Siby K chacko,I also had similar issues in fixation.Reoption needed.But AG is not permitting…. What to do…???

  2. abhilash says:

    any way to re option the pay. i have made mistake by giving the option date and salry slip already recievd. I called to AG’s office but they tel that there is no way re option the pay
    Please help me.
    Voc. Tr Arthunkal

    • SIBY K CHACKO says:

      Recently I got an advice from an officer in AG dept.They say sent a detailed letter decribing the reason for reoption and the amount of loss to PRINCIPAL SECRETARY TO GOVT.FINANCE DEPARTMENT,SECRETARIAT,TRIVANDRUM REQUESTING SANCTION FOR REOPTION,through proper channel.There are many employees having similar issues.When lot of request comes,govt may consider giving a chance as done in previous pay revisions.So please do if needed…anyway i am sending letter within a few days..

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